Key Tax Incentives in Singapore


Despite already having one of the lowest headline corporate income tax rates in the world at 17%, Singapore still offers a wide range of incentives to attract foreign investments. Generally, the tax incentives available are in the forms of either a tax exemption, reduced tax rate or tax allowance, subject to qualifying conditions. In effect, these incentives help companies from a broad spectrum of industries to lower their effective tax rates. There are also other non-tax incentives, such as financial grants.
The tax incentives can be categorized in 5 broad categories:
A. Manufacturing and services

  • Pioneer Incentive – tax exemption on qualifying income
  • Development & Expansion Incentive – reduced tax 5%, 10% or 15% on incremental income from qualifying activities
  • Approved Royalties Incentive – reduced withholding tax 0% or 5% on royalty payments to access advanced technology and know-how.
  • Approved Foreign Loan Incentive – minimum loan amount of S$200,000 for productive equipment for purposes of its trade / business
  • Investment Allowance – further capital allowance
  • Land Intensification Allowance – initial allowance of 25% of qualifying capital expenditure; annual allowance of 5% of qualifying capital expenditure over a period of 10 years.
  • Investment Allowance under the Automation Support Package – additional investment allowance of 100% on top of existing allowance for plant & machinery.

B. Internationalisation

  • Integrated Investment Allowance Scheme – a further capital allowance not exceeding 100%
  • Double Tax Deduction for Internationalisation Scheme – for qualifying expenses
  • International Growth Scheme – reduced tax of 10% on incremental income from qualifying activities.

C. Trading

  • Global Trader Programme (“GTP”) – concessionary tax rate of 5% or 10% on qualifying income.

D. Headquarters and treasury related activities

  • International / Regional Headquarters Award – a reduced corporate tax rate of 5% or 10% on incremental income from qualifying activities. Applicants are required to submit plans for substantive global headquarters activities to be carried out in Singapore, including proposed commitments in incremental business spending and creation of professional employment
  • Finance and Treasury Centre Incentive – 8% tax concessionary tax rate
  • GTP – Structured Commodity Financing Scheme – financing activity carried out to mitigate supply chain risk against underlying physical trade transaction.

E. R&D and intellectual property management activities

  • Up to 400% tax amortization on acquisition costs for legal and economic ownership of IP over 5, 10 or 15 years (or 50% per year over 2 years for EDB approved media and digital entertainment company)
  • Up to 400% tax deduction for R&D expenses and R&D cost-sharing payments

Depending on the tax incentive or grant being sought, applications will need to be made to the relevant government authorities such as the International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore), Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).
The relevant approving authorities have certain discretion in administering the incentives and grants, hence such may be negotiated, reviewed and approved on a case-to-case basis. Award periods may vary from about 3 to 10 years, depending on the various conditions set by the approving authorities. Generally, these conditions include level of Singapore business expenditure, turnover and headcount in Singapore, fixed assets commitment, scope of activities that the applicant undertakes.
Zetland is able to assist in the tax incentive or grant application process. We work with a group of professionals who are able to provide seamless service without going through a few channels of people.
Source: IE Singapore, IRAS, EDB Singapore
For more information, you may contact Ms Su Lee Chan, General Manager of Zetland Singapore at suleec@zetland.biz or +65 65572071

A  製造業とサービス産業に関する税制優遇政策

  • パイオニア優遇制度 :今後成長が見込まれる企業への減免措置
  • 開発・拡張優遇制度 :該当する産業・企業の増収益に対する税率の5%、10%、15%のいずれかへの引き下げ
  • Approved Royalties Incentive (ARI) ロイヤリティの支払いに関する税制優遇
  • Approved Foreign Loan (AFL)の改正:生産設備を購入する目的での借入金に対しての優遇措置。最低借入金額は20万シンガポールドル
  • Investment Allowance( 投資控除):-資本控除の拡大
  • Land Intensification Allowance(LIA): 土地集約化に関する税務上の減価償却 で、 建物の建設や改築で生じた費用について25%の初期償却と10年間の5%の年間償却
  • 自動化サポートパッケージに関する投資控除-:工場において、自動化を行うとさらに100%の控除


  • 総合投資控除:100%を超えない範囲での資本控除
  • 国際化のための二重課税控除の拡充:適格費用の拡充
  • International Growth Scheme(国際成長スキームの導入):政府が認定を受けた事業に対し10%の優遇税制


  • Global Trader Programme (GTP) :適格事業・法人に対し、貿易からの収益に関して法人税を引き続き5 – 10%に軽減


  • 地域統括本部に関する優遇政策:政府が認定した事業の法人税率を5%もしくは10%まで軽減。優遇政策を受けるには統括本部機能がシンガポールにあることを申請する必要があり、専門的な職種の雇用を現地で生み出すことが必要
  • 金融セクターの優遇政策:引続き法人税率を8%に軽減
  • GTP – Structured Commodity Financing Scheme –:商品先物取引において現物受渡時におこるリスクを軽減するための資金融資制度


  • 知的財産権を取得するために法的・経済的にかかった費用に関して今後5~10年または15年間にわたり最大400%まで損金算入が可能。(シンガポール経済開発庁が認めたメディア・デジタルエンターテイメント企業に関しては2年間で50%まで損金算入可能)。
  • 研究開発にかかる費用に関して最大400%まで税控除が可能。

それぞれの税制優遇政策を受けるには、シンガポール国際企業庁(IE Singapore)、シンガポール経済開発庁(EDB)、内国歳入庁(IRAS)、シンガポール金融管理局(MAS)などの各政府機関に申請をする必要があります。


情報源:シンガポール国際企業庁(IE Singapore)、シンガポール経済開発庁(EDB)、内国歳入庁(IRAS)