Belize Update

1406_BelizeThe Belize International Business Company (IBC) legislation provides substantial benefits for the establishment of a corporation that does not operate within Belize. An IBC is the most popular type of offshore corporation formed for asset protection and confidentiality. It is a proven corporate vehicle suitable for a wide range of offshore trading, investment and activities. Assets being held under certain structures such as IBCs offer an extra layer of protection from judgments, divorce settlements or lawsuits and are fairly easy and may be formed within 24 hours. It allows you to protect your asset by registering them under the company’s name, conduct your business without using your name, avoid paying local taxes, flexible, maintaining your privacy – details of shareholders and directors are not registered at the IBC Registry. The only documents of a Belize IBC held on public record are the Memorandum and the Articles of Association. These documents do not contain any indication as to the actual beneficial owners, directors or controllers of the company. We also offer optional nominee director services for maximum anonymity.
Apart from offshore trust and company establishment, we provide asset protection, setting up of offshore accounts, online banking and brokerage accounts in total confidentiality. Opening and maintaining an offshore bank account provides anonymity and personal privacy for your choice of corporate structure to help manage money, income and asset is an important element for your tax and asset protection planning.

Besides its ideal geographical location Belize is a no-tax regime which offers the confidentiality, security and privacy to its clients. The commercial banks are regulated by the Central Bank, in accordance with the provisions of the Offshore Banking Act. Belize is politically stable and the currency is presently tied to the US dollar at 2:1, which means your money is safe and that devaluation is unlikely. There are no exchange controls, so monies can be taken in and out at any time.

One can bank from wherever in the world via secure internet connection, telephone or post. There is no need to personally travel to visit your offshore bank and due to our relationship with well respected banks, accounts may be set up within two to three business days in Belize once the due diligence process has been completed. Additionally, we also offer virtual office services, where we could provide you with a telephone number, fax number and forward mails for your Belize IBC.

As a licensed Registered Agent, Zetland Belize can assist in the formation and registration of your desired investment vehicle and provide banking services to diversify your financial affairs by opening accounts in Belize. We offer the highest quality service designed to suit your need for your privacy and protection and guarantee efficient service and confidentiality.

For further information, please feel free to contact Anju Gidwani, Director of the Belize Office (anju@zetland.biz)




ベリーズは地理的条件もよく(*アメリカから近い)非課税地域であり顧客情報に対する守秘義務の強い国です。国内の商業銀行は中央銀行(Central Bank)によって規制されておりOffshore Banking Actの条例が適用されています。ベリーズは政治的に安定した国であり通貨も米ドルの2対1のペッグ制で固定されているため通貨切り下げの心配もありません。為替規制もないため通貨の出し入れは自由です。



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